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Market research and practical recommendations for the UK market for Pharm Union

Market research and practical recommendations for the UK market for Pharm Union

08.01.2019 Case studies

About the company

Pharm Union is a pharmaceutical company that offers a variety of high quality products for Ukrainian and foreign markets.

Job to be done:

  • to analyze packaging of the product, composition, instructions for use, general appearance of the product and the certification of nutritional supplements for their sale in the UK both offline and online.
  • to display the results of market of food additive research on the above-mentioned parameters
  • to provide Pharm Union with practical information and recommendations on the certification of Betargin’s food supplement on the UK market.


The report, which was received by the company, provided detailed information on the product appearance, the packaging, the composition of the preparation, instructions for use, and certification. In addition, we have gathered information about companies that provide certification services, described the process of obtaining a certificate, as well as detailed information about the requirements of Amazon for the implementation of this product on the platform.

Maria Boiko, Pharm Union:

“We have been cooperating with Vimes Consulting for the first time and are very pleased with this partnership! We are grateful to the whole team for the competence, efficiency in the implementation of the projects. We are also grateful for the pleasant communication, which is also important in the long-term cooperation! “.