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Borderlands at the ballot: Business outlook for Poland, Ukraine and Romania

Borderlands at the ballot: Business outlook for Poland, Ukraine and Romania

15.03.2019 Company News

March 06, 2019 London-based Risk Advisory hosted a breakfast briefing and a roundtable discussion focusing on the three largest markets of the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE): Poland, Romania and Ukraine. Guest speakers included Marek Matraszek from Warsaw, Radu Magdin from Bucharest, and David Gilgur from Kiev.

David Gilgur, founder of Vimes Consulting had the pleasure of sharing his perspectives on what investors looking into Ukraine can expect in 2019, following the anti-corruption efforts and in view of the upcoming elections.

Our sincere thanks to the organisers and hosts of the event Risk Advisory. We are sure that attendees from Deutsche Bank, International Finance Corporation (IFC), Citibank, Credit Suisse, Exxon, BP, McKenzie, EBRD found the roundtable discussion informative and worthwhile.

In this podcast, you can listen to the opening statements of the chair of the event, András Szirkó, Associate Director at Risk Advisory’s Business Intelligence & Investigations practice, and those of our guest speakers. Why is important to talk about CEE now and what should current and potential investors in the region know about its three biggest markets? Who are the main candidates of Ukraine’s presidential election in March? What effect will the outcome of the presidential election have on Ukraine’s parliamentary vote in October? How is the Romanian government fairing with economic and judicial reforms? What is Poland’s position in the region and how sustainable are the redistributive policies of the current government?

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