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IFE 2019: Eating British – Opportunities Post Brexit

IFE 2019: Eating British – Opportunities Post Brexit

25.03.2019 Company News

The 20th of March concluded the third day of the largest food expo event in the UK the International Food & Drink Event (IFE), one of the largest events of this type in Europe. This year’s particular focus was on the innovations in food and packaging with the expo bringing together over 1,350 exhibitors from around the world.

The event included sessions with discussions on most relevant topics including future trends and challenges of the food industry in the UK and globally.

David Gilgur, the founder of Vimes Consulting, was speaking at the industry panel discussing the challenges and opportunities Brexit may pose to the food & drink industry in the UK, whilst filling in the blanks about what the future holds. With much of Vimes Consulting focus being on assisting our clients to be better equipped to deal with Brexit’s implications David was able to share some of the real-life cases of what leaving the EU may mean for the food and drinks firms.

“Brexit highlights the need for the British firms to diversify their consumer and supplier basis. For firms taking a strategic approach, being forced to look outside of the EU will offer opportunities. While progress is slow, the UK government has signed a number of ‘new’ free trade agreements that everyone should be aware of, especially if any of those countries are already on your radar. Chile, Switzerland, Israel, Palestinian Authority, SA Customs Union, Faroe Islands. We can expect this list to grow in the very near future.” Full video of David’s presentation can be found via this link.

Henrietta Green, a British food writer, and advocate of the local food movement stressed the necessary shift in focus towards local produce, expansion of farmers markets making them a more viable shopping destination.

Amit Joshi, a co-founder of Jones Family Project, mentioned that when it comes to meats they expect price rises across the board but as they are focusing on high-quality products they don’t expect a drop in the demand. They are however considering various options when it comes to wines as European suppliers may stop being a viable option. Amit stated that they will be considering new suppliers from the United States, South Americas, and Eastern Europe.