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Our ‘New Banking. Next generation’ event in London is coming soon

Our ‘New Banking. Next generation’ event in London is coming soon

24.04.2019 Case studies

Just a few days left before our event “New Banking. Next generation” (London, April 25th, , and we would like to share a bit of an inside into how and why these events are made, at least when it comes to VimesVC.

For a while now, we have been working with Ukrainian IT outsourcing firms helping to bring them to the UK market. Not surprising one of the main challenges is accessing the key decision makers. One of the most effective instruments of achieving this goal is the organisation of regular events aimed at the key UK based audience (CEO’s, CTO’s, Founders).

The secret of bringing these key players in one place is simple – organising an event that is of interest to THEM and not to YOU. Nobody wants to be sold. So three-hour marathon conference “How to do IT outsourcing” while may sound good in theory, will likely gather an audience of your competitors but not much more than that.

On the other hand, identifying the hot issue of the day and bringing keynote speakers, providing unique content, in short making a truly useful event opens the doors to the key decision makers.

In our case, we have focused on the latest developments in the Fintech in areas of retail and commercial banking bringing together a highly qualified audience of CTOs from traditional banks and hottest names in the London Fintech scene.

We can then take the time and build a relationship with our audience introducing IT outsourcing firm not as yet another service provider but as a true partner.