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project manager

Natalia has been in project management for more than 9 years. In the role of project manager and coordinator, she managed and helped to implement various projects – from the introduction of paperless registration and improvement of the relationship of office staff to the development of an approach to identifying non-working processes in the company and a partial replacement of the company’s core work system. Natalia also had been created and regularly conducted project management trainings for Avon Cosmetics Ukraine employees, where she had worked previously.

At Vimes Consulting she is responsible for maintaining and implementing projects, improving processes and procedures. Natalia works closely with Vimes Consulting clients at the stage of designing and implementing projects from the entire spectrum of company services. She is responsible for understanding the problems of Ukrainian clients and selecting the best tools for solving them, examining the export tasks of our clients in order to develop a strategy and further implement it on the UK market.

Natalia has a successful experience in managing people in projects and strong interpersonal skills, is able to set priorities correctly. She is a team player and leader who, along with the Vimes Consulting team, achieves goals in a tough time.

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