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Ukrainian IT outsourcing in the UK – it’s possible

Ukrainian IT outsourcing in the UK – it’s possible

31.05.2019 Blog

IT outsourcing in Ukraine is unquestionably a story of success and growth. Quite naturally the industry is reaching a saturation point and IT firms are looking to move up the value chain. In plain language, this means that if in the past you could open an outsourcing firm in Ukraine and happily make money by designing websites for foreign clients now the dual pressures of raising wages and competition from lower-cost Asian countries makes it unattainable.

Most IT firms in Ukraine have risen to the challenge. The focus has shifted from primarily price proposition to services, management and building a strong clients relationship.

Focusing on that last aspect we would like to share some ideas from our recent project. The goal of the project was to help and establish a more personal connection between IT outsourcing firms and their potential clients in the UK market.

A frequent instrument to achieve this is the sponsorship of an event or a conference. The upside of sponsoring a high profile event is brand recognition. The downside is that sponsorship rarely allows for direct client contact. In the era of GDPR and for other reasons organisers are reluctant to share attendees contacts details and sponsoring the event you really have one shot of establishing the contacts is on the day itself where you likely to be just one of the numerous sponsors.

Our approach goes deeper. What if instead of sponsoring an event for IT firm looking into the UK market organised one itself? We have done just that and would like to share some of the ideas. Quick disclaimer quite clearly we can not share all of the information as much of it is sensitive in nature.

What were the challenges that we faced?

      It’s a LOT of work. There are no two ways about it. Unlike sponsoring an event you can not just pay turn up on the day. Organising an event requires time, energy and efforts.

      The costs can be higher than sponsoring the event. No there is not an absolute truth as some of the higher profile conferences can charge outrageous sponsorship fees. But on average the cost will be around 50% higher than a mid-level sponsor package.

       The event cannot directly be about the thing that you are most interested in. For example, organising a conference titled ‘come and need a great IT outsourcing firm and bring your projects along’ guarantees a roomful of your competitions and few if any clients. No one wants to be sold to. The subject matter has to be of genuine interest to clientele.

What are the clear advantages over sponsorship. Well, there are many!

      You get to target your audience.

      You have full access to the people signed up or even just interested in your event. This is the hot leads list you can work with on your terms!

      You have full control with the promotion of your company in exactly the way you like.

      Experience of running your first event ensures that the next one (and yes this is a long term game, so will be a next one) is going to be better, easier and cheaper to run.

There is no magic bullet but organising your own quality event is an instrument that IT outsourcing firms should be considering.